Maxson Engineering is experienced with multiple project delivery methods working with a full Design and Construction Team including Design/Bid/Build, CM/GC, Design Assist, Design/Build, Pre-Purchase/Owner Furnished Equipment Packages, and Multiple Bid Packages.

In addition, Maxson Engineering has extensive experience acting as the Prime Consultant for Owners on mechanically and/or electrically driven projects with strategic partners for Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture.


Steve Maxson, PE, LEED APPrincipal
Scott Miller, PE, LEED APPrincipal
Jennifer DitmarschOffice Manager
Scott Hodgson, PESenior Mechanical Engineer
Brian Bowyer, PESenior Electrical Engineer
Jeremiah Anderson, PESenior Electrical Engineer
Allen Cook, PE, LEED AP, BD+CSenior Mechanical Engineer
Anthony Hopkins, LEED APSenior Mechanical Designer/Project Manager
Chris Geipel, EIProject Manager
Greg Pfile, PE, LEED APSenior Electrical Engineer
Walker Evans, PESenior Mechanical Engineer
Jerry Kiel, PE, CEM, LEED APSenior Mechanical Engineer
Madeline HansmeyerMarketing Coordinator
Marcus BrandSenior Building Information Modeling Specialist - REVIT Certified
Shane CopseySenior Mechanical Designer
Matt SwartzendruberSenior Mechanical Designer
Blue Rivera, LEED AP, BD+CSenior Electrical Designer
Catherine TurnerSenior Mechanical Designer
Darrell GarciaSenior Mechanical Designer
Greg Guggenheim, EIMechanical Designer
Brandt Theander, EIMechanical Designer
Jon Murphy, EIElectrical Designer
Mandy HernerAdministrative Assistant
Austin BoggsMechanical Designer
Ashley VillalobosReceptionist